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Two-sentence horror stories

March 12, 2014

You may have seen the results of Reddit’s recent challenge: write a horror story in two sentences. It’s quite an addictive little exercise once you get started. Here are my efforts :

Charlie snarled at Martha and strained at his chain. From a safe distance she flung him some meat, wishing again that he’d listened to the emergency broadcast and stayed indoors.


‘You didn’t really invite me up here for a drink,’ I said as I gazed out over his balcony at the sparkling skyline.
‘Not for you,’ he said, moving close behind me and sinking his teeth into my neck.


If my husband’s new wife didn’t buy such ugly lamps, I wouldn’t have to keep breaking them. I’ve tried telling her, but she just looks straight through me, and I can only make moaning sounds now.


I really hate it when my mother watches late-night TV evangelists at full volume. Especially since she died five years ago and I unplugged the TV before I came to bed.


He runs his hands through my hair, murmuring, ‘It’s so thick and lustrous.’ I grin, revealing my sharp teeth, and reply, ‘Just wait till the full moon.’


‘Just breathe slowly in and out’ says the anaesthetist, his eyes reassuring above his green paper mask. As my consciousness slips away I hear someone ask him, ‘The doctor’s definitely dead?’



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