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Wednesday Writing Exercise

March 26, 2014

Write from the point of view of an animal. Think carefully about how that animal would see the world, and how this might differ from human perception.

According to the new book Cat Sense by English biologist Dr. John Bradshaw [your cat] actually thinks you’re a “larger, non-hostile” cat.


Hey, Big Two-Legs Cats! Big Two-Legs Cats!
I’m hungry! Hungryhungryhungryhungryhungryhungryhungry!

Big Two-Legs Cats play dead.
I know they’re awake, I heard their breathing change.
I sharpen my claws on the soft floor.

‘Kitty!’ growls Male Two-Legs Cat, but he doesn’t get off the bed.

‘Hungry! Huuungry!’
I go into the hall and find my clattery-rattly thing
and bat it against the wall batta-batta-batta

Big Male Two-Legs Cat makes a loud noise,
gets out of bed
goes to the Food Room
and shakes my bowl
which makes a noise.


I’m cold.

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