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Man Bites Dog – Again

November 5, 2014

Since the Man Bites Dog cards were such a success last time I used them for workshopping, I took them in again today. My sentence was:


The whereabouts of Jill Posters, notorious socialite daughter of quinoa tycoon Bill Posters, has been momentarily discovered.

Ms Posters first went missing three weeks ago, after which a ransom note was delivered to her father via carrier pigeon, demanding $50 million worth of unmarked grain.

The kidnappers’ lair was eventually discovered in Germany by Senior Detective Hans Üp, who then deduced that Ms Posters was in cahoots with her kidnapper in a plot to access her inheritance before her father’s death.

The pair were arrested and plans were made to extradite them. However, while being escorted back to Australia, Ms Posters appears to have convinced Detective Üp to abscond with herself and the loot, leaving her lover in the lurch.

The search for the missing pair continues. Authorities have vowed that Jill Posters will be prosecuted.

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