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poemcrazy: bring me magic

November 19, 2014

This exercise is taken from poemcrazy, Susan Goldsmith Woodridge’s book of inspiration and meditations on poetry:


1) Go outside

2) Collect an object that appeals to you

3) Write:

     (a) a description of it

     (b) a simile for the object

     (c) some quality about the object that appeals to you or that you’d like to borrow


Tattered, stained and torn

pale lime green

faded nearly white

like a tennis ball but soft

and spongy

shiny from use

splitting its seams

showing its sticky grey stuffing

a dying planet

its atmosphere thinning

its sun growing intolerably hot

all life vanished

Bring me your ability

to weather adversity

and bounce back

if not much

then at least

a little.

2 Dandelions


buttery yellow

sunburst, petals layered like

a ballerina’s skirt, held aloft

on a single, slender, elegant







floating nimbus, pale

paper lantern, plasma globe extending live

filaments of the earth’s energy, ready    to   fly

and    s        c        a        t        t        e        r

sparks of life, bring me your vitality

your voltage of white

pure light.

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