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Music Free-Association

March 5, 2015

Tango Bar

This week I took a CD into class (There Is a Way to Fly, by Coda*) and played a few tracks, telling the students to close their eyes and let the music suggest images to them, then write about these. Here’s what I came up with:

Kaylee sits alone in the tango bar, feeling silly and self-conscious. Sleek young couples swivel and glide past her like well-oiled clockwork toys.

What was she thinking, coming to Cuba? Did she really think that distance would dull the pain of Bailey’s betrayal? But then she watched that stupid DVD with her mum – The Tango Lesson – and became convinced that all she needed to do was get away from Wangaratta in winter, go somewhere with balmy skies and cheap rum drinks, and a handsome stranger would sweep her off her feet. What a dill.

She’s just hunting around at her feet for her handbag when she feels a tap on her shoulder.

“Disculpe, señorita, ¿le importaría bailar?”

* Tracks: La Chasse, Kawaii, Latin Quarter

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