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‘Bootcamp’ Exercises

August 17, 2016

I was away sick this week, so I emailed my class a bumper crop of exercises to take them right through the morning. 

Some people refer to this – doing a series of exercises one after another – as ‘writers’ bootcamp’. I’ve never been a big fan of this expression, as it doesn’t sound like much fun to me (I’m not the Tough Mudder type), and writing exercises should always be fun. 

Hope you have fun with these. 


What happened in this house?

Writing Exercise_Abandoned House

Your response can be in past tense or present tense, poetry or prose. 
Read the clipping below. Write a piece from the point of view of the thief. 
Writing Exercise_Clipping_Xmas Nativity
It’s nearly spring! Write a spring haiku. 
A haiku is a three line poem: 
Line 1 = 5 syllables 
Line 2 = 7 syllables
Line 3 = 5 syllables
Year’s first daffodil
Flower shaped like a trumpet 
Heralding warm days
Write about the last vivid dream you had, in as much detail as possible, including the emotions the dream created in you.
If you don’t remember your dreams:
a) Write about how it makes you feel when other people describe their dreams. Annoyed? Envious? Wistful? Nonplussed? 
b) Write about your favourite dream sequence from a movie or TV show. 

Write about an animal with special powers. How does its nature affect the way it uses these powers? Do the powers change its relationship to human beings? 
 Writing Exercise_Clipping_Psychic Pet
Read the following poem. Is there a place to which you long to return, the way WB Yeats longs for Innisfree? Write about this place (prose or poetry).  Include as much sensory detail as you can: sights, sounds, smells etc. 
Writing Exercise_Clipping_Innisfree
7) Write a piece (fact or fiction) that answers the following question. 
(Remember: it doesn’t have to be about a romantic relationship.)
Writing Exercise_No Good!


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